• Laura Clavio

Night Visitors

Updated: Apr 22, 2019

Four-year-old Ricky couldn't sleep. He drove his mother crazy always wanting to stay up and be awake late into the evening. When it was clear that the usual commands to go to sleep just weren't working, both parent and child were frustrated. Looking for a new approach, Ricky's mother sat down with him one night and asked him what he saw when he closed his eyes.

Ricky revealed that he was scared to go to sleep because whenever he closed his eyes he saw a man dressed in rags standing in the middle of the road. The man would reach out to Ricky and always seemed to be asking for help. Ricky was shocked by the way the man looked, disheveled and unshaven. This happened night after night.

Sometimes discarnate souls reach out to children who are still open to communication from other dimensions. Children may not understand that they have the ability to tell such discarnates to leave them alone and go away. Once Ricky learned that he could tell this night visitor not to come anymore, the visits stopped and bedtime became a much better time!


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