• Laura Clavio

Stress is a Stripper

Stress, that emotional tightrope that stretches us to the limit, is a major contributor to shortening our lifespan, according to studies cited by scientist and TV star Gregg Braden. Stress strips the body of its ability to work harmoniously within, causing the quality of our cell reproduction to deteriorate as we age. Yes, of course, there are many other factors. But, right now, let's just consider stress.

Just where does stress lead you? It pulls you down a corridor of negative thinking. It drains your energy. It makes you doubt yourself. It makes you worry about processes and outcomes. It may cause sleep loss. And, there you are - nervous, overwrought, tired, sleep-deprived, anxious and hardly at your best. Still, you have a job to do, family responsibilities, and need to get to the tasks at hand despite the extra burden that stress is piling on your shoulders.

Being mindful, meditating, blowing off bad energies, eating right, taking a break.....all of these things can help manage stress. But, most of these do not go deep enough into the subconscious to change the way that you respond to stress. That is where hypnosis can help. Hypnosis can get down to where you truly process stress and help you develop new strategies for managing those things that are within your control and those over which you have no control. It can help you find the inner strength that you possess to focus and redirect the energies that are draining you and lessening your potential to be all you can be. Hypnosis doesn't cure stress, but it can help you manage it more effectively so that YOU are in control of whatever situation occurs. A clearer mind, with focused objectives makes better decisions.


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