• Laura Clavio

Babies are the busiest people on earth!

Imagine, after existing comfortably in a warm, cozy, quiet environment, you are suddenly spit out into an atmosphere of bright lights, large people dressed in masks, someone sticking their finger in your mouth checking for obstructions, being lifted away from your mother and washed, having your umbilical cord cut and being totally expected to cry about it all!

Welcome to the world of the newly born! From the moment each baby arrives, they are emerged in a level of sensory processing without the ability to tell us what they feel, think, hear or observe for two or three years! In that time they also have to learn to drink, eat, walk, talk and process millions of other sensory impressions. It is easy to say that a baby just eats, sleeps and poops, but there is so much more going on.

Under hypnosis, clients have described what it was like being born and to be a baby.They have seen how they chose their parents. They have experienced the joy of being in the womb. They may have also experienced their mother's feelings about being pregnant - her excited anticipation, her fears, her state of mind - all these emotions have also been imprinted on the baby. Communication began even before the soul entered the fetus. Feelings have already become part of the baby's psyche, an impression written on the skeen of time.

Clairvoyant Walter Makichen, who wrote Spirit Babies: How to Communicate with the Child You're Meant to Have (Bantam, 2005), says that parents enter into a conception contract with a soul that wishes to become part of their family. This contract acts as an energy bond that appears at the moment of conception. The participants agree to play a particular role in the fulfillment of each others' destiny. How well each participant completes the role will have bearing upon each soul's experience.

Under hypnosis, clients often recall their own impressions of their parents from this time of life when communication comes totally from energetic vibrations. They can describe what they feel the first time their father holds them. They can experience, albeit unconsciously, a bit of what the relationship with each parent will be like. Sometimes parents, siblings or family friends are recognized from relationships in past lives. Right from the beginning the child is embracing emotional ties from the people in his/her environment.

Just as we more clearly see our genetic bonds with our ancestors through DNA markers, we also hold energetic bonds in soul groups who travel with us through time in varying roles. Clearly many factors enter into the decisions each of us make and our relationships with one another evolve throughout the course of a lifetime.

Obstetrician Gladys McGarey, M.D., in her book Born To Live: A Holistic Approach to Childbirth, called childbirth the pouring of "old wine into new wineskin". This small child brought forth its memories of the continuity of life into a new body, a new environment to work afresh under new circumstances.

The child is a physical, mental and spiritual entity right from the start. Babies are sometimes said to have one foot still in the larger cosmos and one foot in the three-dimensional world. They are not only learning their role living on earth, they are also separating a leap from the free spiritual self in order to experience soul development. They have a lot to do!


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