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Children may see things we don't!

Updated: Apr 22, 2019

A four-year-old, that we will call Lea, awoke from a night’s sleep and told her mother about her dream. With the vivid, animated nature of her age, she recounted her life as a soldier about to be killed by another soldier.

“So, I took a knife and stabbed him between the eyes,” she said. “His eyes looked and each other and then he was dead. I killed him, but he was going to kill me.”

This vivid memory sits atop her consciousness, yet did not disturb her happy, precocious nature. Still in early childhood, she seems inordinately interested in the dead and often communicates with discarnates.

From the start she exhibited a familiarity with her maternal grandfather and great-grandmother that was more than close. She bonded with her great-grandmother immediately, and even though she has passed, Lea still talks with her all the time. She claimed that Old Mimi, as she called her, also went to school with her on her first day to help her.

At the news of her death, Lea was so sad that she had her mother write a letter expressing her disappointment that she did not visit her great-grandmother before she passed. At the internment, Lea was constantly visiting with unseen beings who she said were members of the family who had come to the funeral. Later, she knocked on the doors of the mausoleums and spoke to the invisible inhabitants.

Born with a hole in her heart that required almost immediate surgery, it may be likely that Lea also had a near-death experience (NDE) that may have opened her conscious mind to a higher level of communication with discarnates. Or, perhaps she is still trying to understand life and death, sorting through past life memories and has found help from relatives on the other side. Her playtime busily acts out her thoughts as she cared for many invisible playmates in early childhood.

Now in school, Lea is finding that there are not many other children who share her experiences. She finds fewer people to speak with about what she sees and has already begun to limit her amazing connections with other dimensions. While her parents still encourage her to express herself, they have also discussed with her the fact that others may find what she relates unreal or even fictitious.

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