Can Hypnosis Control Me?

All hypnosis is really self-hypnosis. You may not be hypnotized without your own cooperation. Some people accept suggestion more easily than others. Thus, if you have seen a hypnosis stage show where people do silly things, it is because they are highly susceptible to suggestion and want to do what the hypnotist asks. A person under hypnosis may exit the hypnotic state at any time. You may not be coerced into doing things that you do not wish to do.

What is it like to be hypnotized?

It is a very pleasant experience. All you need to do is relax and let go of that tight control you hold over yourself so that you are more susceptible to suggestion. You will hear everything that goes on. You will often be asked to respond with either words or signals. You will not be asleep, but merely in a more relaxed state of consciousness. When the session is over you will feel refreshed and wonderful!

How many sessions will it take?

This is difficult to answer since each person responds differently. One to three sessions are the most common in hypnosis. Another factor is how much effort you personally put into reinforcing the session with suggested self-hypnosis exercises you will receive with your session. We are working together to unlock the source of your quest.

What if I don’t believe that I have had past-lives?

Regression Hypnosis is based on principles of Eriksonian hypnotherapy, Gestalt therapy, Psychodrama, and Jungian psychology. Integrated Imagery is also supported by research in neurobiology.  No belief in reincarnation or past lives is necessary for you to derive benefits from direct access to your own subconscious or superconscious mind. It is currently impossible to know whether what we experience in a regression session is real, or just dream-like representations of what your subconscious mind chooses to show you. Still, many people find this sort of exploration helpful.  

Integrated Imagery focuses on states of consciousness exploring present life, pre-birth experience, perceived past life, consciousness between lives, relationships and future experience. The technique offers a new view of consciousness influences, and it reinforces through emphasizing positive experiences and feelings, while de-energizing negative influences that may be limiting.

Who is Edgar Cayce?

Edgar Cayce is, perhaps, the most famous of all American psychics. His more than 14,000 readings documented by a stenographer and witnessed by others, began as an aid to those seeking health readings. Later, as a greater range of questions were asked, he responded with information on such topics as past life readings from the person's own subconscious records, forecasts for the future, information on past civilizations such as Atlantis, Lemuria and Egypt, business advice, psychic development, meditation and spirituality to name a few of the many areas mentioned. More information on Edgar Cayce is available at

   Cayce suggested that all individuals could help bring balance to the body, illumination to the mind and awareness of spirit through meditation. This meditation method is an easy to follow and understand. It is culturally a more western approach that teaches us fundamental techniques to use a few minutes daily to build a happier and more fulfilling life. Of course, deeper levels of instruction are also available. I have designed the classes in levels that allow you to go deeper at your own pace.


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