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Welcome!  I hope this site answers your questions, but, even more, I hope it helps you understand how hypnosis, guided imagery and meditation can be used as tools for well-being and spiritual growth in your life. Sometimes things that confuse us, cause fear, or block us from being the most effective person that we can be may be just a matter of changing our point of view. When we can look at something from a different perspective, that change of mind can put a whole new light on a problem or difficulty.  These methods can aid in achieving the outcome you desire.


About Me

Laura Z. Clavio

   I hold a Master of Arts degree in Transpersonal Psychology from Atlantic University with a concentration in Creativity. I am certified as a Consulting Hypnotist through the National Guild of Hypnotists (NGH) and a member of the Hypnotists Guild.

   I am certified in Integrated Imagery Regression Hypnosis, a system of exploring past life experiences developed by psychotherapist Dr. John Amoroso. This training was part of my Masters degree program, so I have two years of graduate level training in hypnosis which includes three residential practicums and many hours of practice with volunteers.

   I am also a certified teacher of the method of meditation taught by the Association for Research and Enlightenment (A.R.E.).  

   I practice in Bloomington, Indiana. My undergraduate training is in Radio/TV and Speech/Theatre at Indiana University. I have worked professionally in various news and entertainment media and served as Assistant Director for the Department of Convocations and Lectures at Purdue University for 17 years. My job included working with Purdue student concerts, family and general entertainment booking, and arts education outreach for schools and the community. I now bring this background in creativity to my hypnosis and meditation practice to help others reach their own goals in life.


My Services

Here is a short description of the types of services I offer. If you have questions, I am an email or phone call away!



A Drugless Strategy for Improvement

When you think of hypnosis, you may be reminded of a stage entertainer instructing someone to cluck and strut like a chicken.....that is far from the practice of modern hypnosis techniques when it comes to self-improvement and working to eliminate thought processes that limit our ability to be all we can be! Hypnosis is considered one of the deepest levels of Altered States of Conscious which range from meditation to deep trance.     Today, the level of control and relaxation are in the hands of the client. Your comfort is the most important aspect to self-exploration. Mind is the builder of our world. What we believe builds the foundation of our views. Sometimes our views hinder our ability to break out and change the way we think about things. We may unknowingly inhibit our ability to change and grow because our mind has imprinted certain patterns of thinking. Hypnosis techniques help free the mind through the power of suggestion to change the way we think about those things that block us from achieving all that we can be.

Balance in our lives is also very important. We are body, mind and spirit. When one part is out of balance among the physical, mental and spiritual parts of yourself, your mind creates conditions to help recognize this need.

 To touch upon just a few of the areas where positive change can occur, include: Weight Management; Tobacco Cessation; Fear of Such things as Flying, Driving, Failure, Crowds, The Dark, Heights, Incontinence, Water, Bridges or Fear Itself; Building Self-Confidence; Preparing to Take Tests; Memory and Concentration; Public Speaking; Athletic Achievement; Career Planning; Self-Health; Sense of Humor; Ending a Relationship; Finding Lost Objects; Enhancing Creativity; Self-Health; Stress Management; Preparation for Surgery; Attracting Love or Friends, and many other things. Hypnosis is really self-hypnosis. I can guide you to ways to help yourself.

Integrated Imagery Regression Hypnosis

Finding Solutions on Life's Continuum

Spiritual growth can include looking at the continuum of life. Through hypnosis we can reach the mind on many levels. The mind can be asked to supply information on negative or positive themes in our current lifetime that originated in previous human incarnations. Exploration with Integrated Imagery Regression Hypnosis can include past lives, pre-birth and life between life conditions. Some cultures strongly believe that people live a series of lives to grow and develop spiritually, mentally and physically. It is a belief more widely adhered to in eastern cultures. It has, however, in recent years become much more widely accepted in western cultures as well. Whether or not you choose to believe in reincarnation is your own decision. You might consider information received in a  past-life session as communication from your own unconscious mind giving you information in a way that it feels you can understand it and work with it. We never know what may be shown in a past-life regression, nor can it likely be proven. Still, quite often, greater understanding and problem solving are the results of using this method to better understand ourselves.

   It is not my intention to be a personal advocate of any belief system but to allow the client to assess and use the information obtained as he or she wishes. I do believe that a session based on your personal desire for growth and development achieves the best results. Purposeful exploration puts you in touch with your deeper self. I do not do past life sessions for therapeutic purposes, only for personal exploration.

Guided Imagery

From Your Own Heart

Guided imagery is a natural meditative process that offers you direct access to your own heart’s knowing guidance. This inner exploration often reveals help for whatever situation you encounter through imagery and thoughts that are revealed from within. This healing process often provides a new perspective on life’s issues that offer a different perspective on resolution by guiding you to deeper realms of the conscious self.

   The Intuitive Heart is a course in how to better understand your own intuitive abilities and how inner guidance can be used to help yourself and others through understanding breathing, flow, and intuitive perception that exists in your own heart and mind. Contact me if you are interested in hearing more about my classes on using the Intuitive Heart technique. This class is a weekly meeting for six weeks, three hours in length. I need six people to sign up in order to teach it.


Many Answers Lie Within You

Prayer is often described as a way to talk with the universal forces, God, or whatever description of unseen forces you care to use. Meditation is described as listening for an answer. Learning to quiet the mind and seek answers from within ourselves has many beneficial effects on health and wellness. I offer a more culturally western approach to meditation that many have used successfully. If you are interested in a workshop or classes on this meditation method, please contact me and I will notify you when a new class is forming. Classes are for 3 -10 people.

Understanding Psi

Sometimes Sensations Happen That You Don't Understand

Did you know that there are dozens of sensations, feelings, emotions and experiences that can occur when we are in touch with our innate psychic abilities? Everyone has them. Some people experience them daily or all the time; some experience them hardly ever. Some of us are just more sensitive or have more well-developed capabilities. Want to learn more about how to develop these senses? Let me know if you are interested in a class on understanding and developing psychic abilities.

Understanding Children

Sensitive Kids

Did you know that author/researcher James Petersen, in his 1970's book The Secret Life of Kids states that almost seven percent of the children that he interviewed, who were all under age 9, had psychic experiences daily? While children who display psychic abilities are not new, what is new is that exceptionally large numbers of children with heightened, available psychic abilities are now being born. Encouraging your child to talk about what they see, feel and experience can help them understand heightened abilities. Let me know if you are interested in a class on sensitive kids.

"My past life regression has helped me understand my purpose for being here, the people I need to work things out with and why I have some fears and resentments that I cannot let go of. I do not have a fear of dying anymore because I regressed between lives, and it's amazing. Life changing! Thank you, Laura.

C. B. , Indianapolis, IN


"The past life regression through Laura helped me better understand some of my current feelings, that is, why I have to deal with sadness as much as I have."

D.R., Indianapolis, IN



The Answers You Need

Can hypnosis control me?

All hypnosis is really self-hypnosis. You may not be hypnotized without your own cooperation. Some people accept suggestion more easily than others. Thus, if you have seen a hypnosis stage show where people do silly things, it is because they are highly susceptible to suggestion and want to do what the hypnotist asks. A person under hypnosis is not asleep and may exit the hypnotic state at any time. You may not be coerced into doing things that you do not wish to do, nor can you be hypnotized if you do not wish to be. Your ability to use your own free will is never challenged. 

What does it feel like to be hypnotized?

Whether you realize it or not, you have already experienced hypnosis. Perhaps you have found yourself in a daydream, or working on a project that caused you to focus intently on what you are doing. You may have lost yourself in a book or a movie or a religious service. You may have been driving and suddenly found yourself at your destination without really understanding how you got there.
Hypnosis is both relaxing and rejuvenating. When you approach hypnosis with an attitude of assurance and cooperation you set up a mutual goal with your hypnotic guide to accept beneficial suggestions for your own well-being. You will likely not lose consciousness; you will simply not pay as much attention to the conscious world. Hypnosis is more like the pre-sleep state where your mind is more susceptible to new ideas. It is not like sleep where you truly become unconscious.  If you do fall asleep, the session is over. Under hypnosis your guide may ask you to respond with either words or non-verbal signals, so you become an active participant in the process. Have no fear of revealing secrets under hypnosis unless that is your nature when you are conscious.  Under hypnosis a person will not do that which goes against moral and ethical values. Coming out of hypnosis you will feel refreshed and energetic.

What is past-life regression?

Past life regression is a form of hypnosis that asks the unconscious to supply information on what it perceives as life lessons originating in previous lives. Some cultures strongly believe that people live a series of lives to grow and develop spiritually, mentally and physically. It is a belief more widely adhered to in eastern cultures. It has, however, in recent years become much more widely accepted in western cultures as well. You might consider information received in a past-life regression session as communication from your unconscious mind giving you information in a way that it feels you can understand it and work with it. We never know what may be shown in a past-life regression, nor can any of it likely be proven. Still, quite often, greater understanding and problem solving are the results of using this method to better understand ourselves. It is not my intention to be a personal advocate of any belief system but to allow the client to assess and use the information obtained.

 If you are looking to find out if you were a famous person or someone else significant, you may be coming into the session with an attitude that may hinder results. I look at past-life regression as a tool for spiritual and emotional growth. If those are your goals you will likely achieve success. It is not often that specifics on past lives come up. Rather the sessions tend to focus on a circumstance that existed that had a strong emotional impact on you personally and which you are still trying to reconcile.

What is Integrated Imagery Regression Hypnosis (IIRH)?

This is a technique to aid in psychological and spiritual growth through exploration of the subconscious. When the conscious self is in a passive, relaxed condition, the deeper consciousness can rise closer to the surface allowing access to the inner self. 

Integrated Imagery Regression Hypnosis (IIRH) differs from such techniques as reverie and guided imagery in that it takes the subject back along a time continuum. The guide suggests that the subject explore experiences prior to birth, back to where it can describe scenarios that took place before the current life. It requires full participation of the subject in the trance journey. The subject is never unconscious, or out of control, during a session and works with the guide throughout the experience.

The eternal part of us is the spirit which keeps a record of the soul’s experiences.

 This method of exploration will be comfortable for people who can accept the idea that the mind can express itself in terms of past lives. You may or may not already know the principles of reincarnation. To use IIRH it is unnecessary to accept this concept, but it is important that such concepts do not violate any of your core beliefs.  Bringing such past-life memories to the surface can offer new insights into the personality.


What is the Akashic Record or Book of Life?

The Akasha is a concept that has origins in the religious writings of Ayurveda and comes from the Sanskrit language. It refers to the essence of physical being which modern science refers to as ether. Unrecognizable by our physical senses, this invisible field, or pre-substance, holds the record of every vibration, thought, feeling, word or action that takes place in our physical plane. After the elements fire, water, earth and air, Akasha, or quintessence, is considered the fifth element which contains all the activity of life from creation to the present. Psychologist Carl Jung referred to it as the collective unconscious, a place where the thoughts and activities of every living thing makes an imprint that is recorded and can be read or known by others who are able to tap into this resource.

How Can I Make an Appointment

Please email me or call 812-269-6176. I work by appointment and am happy to discuss my services with you by phone call. Please leave contact information so I may return your call.

How long does an average session take?

Most sessions are less than an hour. Some sessions like Past Life Regression or exploring Life Between Life can run two hours or longer. We can discuss your personal needs and limitations.

How Much Does It Cost?

Hypnosis and guided imagery are not services covered by health insurance or Medicare, so you will need to expect to pay for it yourself. The type of service determines the cost, but you will be given a quote before any service is rendered. The first hypnosis session generally runs about 90 minutes, so expect a charge around $95.00. Additional sessions for the same topic will be less. Expect around $75/hr. Guided imagery and personal consultation are $75/hr.
Classes will be offered for ten or fewer people at less individual cost TBD. If you have interest in a class in one of the following areas, please contact me and I will let you know when a class if forming: past life group experience; past life for couples; understanding psychically gifted children; meditation; understanding psychic experiences or weight loss.


"Hypnosis is a tool for modern minds; it is 100% natural. Sometimes it is called a waking dream, at other times a working dream."

Henry Leo Bolduc

Blade of Grass

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